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This isn't your normal blog.

These will be real and raw.

Hello, we are Unashmed Love. This "blog" isn't really a blog. This is just a safe space to read the real and raw stories from our beautiful encounters with some of the most beautiful people we have ever met. Some will be long, and some will be short and sweet. We hope these stories will above all move you to pray for those bound in the sex industry.

And by "those", we mean everyone involved.

The world of sex trafficking is more than what you see on TV....

We love them all.

Our hearts break for everyone involved. We are most hands on with the girls, but what a joy it is to get come face to face with the pimp, watch boys, and the street kids. Some may look at this world with disgust, but we cannot help but smile with tears in our eyes.... we know the beauty within....

So join us as these stories get told...

They will never be "put together" because frankly that's not us... this is real, raw, wild, and lovely.

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